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26 January 2011 @ 02:20 pm
Title: You Should Eat Some Crackers
Characters: Jack & Kate
Rating: PG
Summary: A little fluff on the crackers's inside joke, SNBH days.
Notes: Thanks to Lies for the prompt. This is betaless so forgive my mistakes

16 September 2010 @ 04:59 pm
Kate pulls out her key and clicks it in the door, her hands are full of bags but somehow she manages to push the door wide open.

She hears Jack’s voice calling her from the bedroom; she has been out all the afternoon and he has obviously missed her, probably just as much as she has.

Hang on a sec, Jack. I’ll put some stuff down and I’ll be with you” she yells from the kitchen where she cleaning up the mess she has left before, she puts the milk and the eggs in the fridge, then the cookies in a clean jar and she leaves the takeout on table for later.

She goes to the bedroom and greats her boyfriend with a long, sweet kiss, after she reluctantly pulls away he says “I’ve missed you too”, with a huge smile on his face.

She changes into something more comfortable, somehow giving Jack even a little strip show, then she almost throws herself on the bed to join him.

That was quite a show” he says, pulling her closer and kissing her neckline, she barely replies “I’m glad you enjoyed, I hope you’ll return the favor soon”, he sexily replies “You can bet”.

They just make out for quite a while before Kate proudly announces “Ok, it’s dinner time and today I’ve got something you love”; he’s surprised, she has been out almost all the day, when did she cook?

She gets up and ten minutes later she returns to the bedroom with plenty of Chinese takeout and a cheesecake; she gets all of the nightstand and starts arranging all in the plates.

Oh my God, Kate! I love you!” he basically spills out. Kate freezes, it’s the first time Jack has told her that since she has been together and even it’s probably food-related she can’t help but feel…overwhelmed.

The words just spill out of her mouth “I love you, Jack”.
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15 September 2010 @ 01:57 pm
Jack opens his eyes and he has difficulty breathing, he tries to cough but he quickly realizes his problem: Kate is laying with all her torso on his, thus his difficulty to breath.

He gently shakes her off him and he takes a deep breath; luckily he hasn’t waken her up, she needs her rest, she has been taking care of him for the past days.

He gets the thermometer and takes his temperature, it’s slowly going down and he hasn’t thrown up since yesterday so that’s definitely an improvement.

He pulls the comforter over her shoulders, he doesn’t want her to get a cold, one sick person in the house is enough; he cannot help but adore her for all she has done these past days.

He pulls her closer, choosing to ignore the pain in muscles, and kisses her hair, she let out small sounds of appreciation but she continues to sleep.

He softly whispers “Hey” but she doesn’t reply, he knows she’s almost awake so he changes his approach “Kate, if you wake up, I promise you, you won’t regret it”.

At this she tilts her head up, a huge grin on her face and says “You promise,eh?”, he kisses her nose before replying “Yes, I do”.

She playfully gets rid of her pajamas just to suddenly freezes which causes a puzzled look to form on Jack’s face “What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” he asks.

“Your muscles are aching now, I can’t even begin to phantom how you can face sex right now” she simply explains.

“Don’t you worry about that, I’m a doctor and I think I’m fit for sex” he says with a smirk.

To encourage her and prove his point he gets rid of his own pajamas then he waits to see if she’s gonna continue.

She gets off the rest of her pajamas before kissing him.
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09 September 2010 @ 07:40 pm
Kate has never been this tired, she has basically spent the whole night up, Jack was cranky with an high fever, he needed to threw up every ten minutes and he could barely moving without complain some aches.

She drinks tenth cup of coffee and it’s still seven pm; she can’t help but compliment on her decision to send Aaron to Hurley, there was no way she could have dealt with him too.

She grabs ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and returns to bed; Jack is semi asleep, so she does her best to sit next to him and not wake him up.

She can finally catch a little break, as much as she loves taking care of Jack, she is exhausted. He can be really cranky if he doesn’t feel good and that drives her a little crazy; she uses her free time to check on Aaron.

Just as she hangs up with Hurley, the phone rings, she quickly picks up the call, hoping that the noise won’t wake up her guy; it’s the real estate agent, he has found a house he thinks it will be perfect for her needs.

She can’t deal with this right now, so she tries to schedule the appointment for next week, at least; she’ll call him when she’s ready to see the house.

There’s another call she needs to do, and she needs Jack totally asleep for this one; Cassidy is happy to hear from her and she wants to meet her, Kate wishes she shouldn’t have to this, but she made a freaking promise so she’s stuck with this mess.

She finally puts down the phone and returns to Jack; “Hey sleepyhead” she says with a grin on her face, happy to see him, even in this state; “Hey yourself, did you manage to get some sleep?” he asks her.

She simply shakes her head, she changes in her pajamas and gets under the cover with him.

Puzzled, he asks “What are you doing under the covers?”; she grabs the book from the nightstand and replies “I’m reading you ‘Alice in Wonderland‘, silly. Now shut up and let me read you this”.

He leans his head on her shoulder and she starts reading.
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08 September 2010 @ 01:31 pm
Jack isn’t feeling very well, his head hurts, his muscles ache and he’s so damn cold; on top of that he’s sleeping alone because he can’t pass the fever on Kate or little Aaron.

Kate is taking care of him the best she can without neglecting the baby, she has made him his favorite soup, she has taken his temperature twice, she has helped him to wash, she has read the newspaper to him and now she’s trying to find a solution for Aaron so that she might take care of him full time.

He calls for her, she puts Aaron in the stroller and brings him a glass of orange juice, “Here, drink this, it’ll only do good”, she helps him drink and then she puts the glass on the nightstand.

Kate, I don’t want you to find a temporary baby sitter for Aaron, he can stay but we’ve to be careful so I don’t pass the fever on him, or you” he affirms, she shakes her head “I’ve made up my mind, I have already called Hurley, he’ll keep the baby for a few days. It’s better if I deal with you properly, alone, and then we bring him home”.

Your tone doesn’t admit protests” he manages to joke, she smiles and says “No, I’m the boss these days and you’ll do as I say, ok?”.

Whatever you say, boss” he whispers.

The door bell rings and Kate goes to open the door, Hurley is on the other side, all excited to have Aaron for a few days, Kate let him in and explain him all he needs to know to take care of the baby and Hurley eagerly listens to her.

Once she’s sure she has told us everything she picks up a still sleeping Aaron and hands him over to Hurley saying “Bye bye baby, mommy will pick you up in a couple of days, I love you”.

She says goodbye to Hurley as well and then she returns to her sick boyfriend.
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03 September 2010 @ 10:51 pm
Kate is doing her amount of laundry when she hears the front door opening; it’s still ten am in the morning so Jack should be at work and she is sure that it’s not Margo, ‘cause she’s away on the vacation.

She makes her way to the door but she sees nobody, she checks all the other rooms and eventually she finds Jack laying on the bed, clothes still on and eyes closed.

She sits on the bed, she takes his hands away from his forehead and she notices that he’s burning up, he must be sick.

She gently whispers “Baby, how are you feeling?”, his reply is barely audible “Not very good. That’s why I’m home”, she nods and caresses him on the forehead, then playing a little with his hair.

“Let me get the thermometer ” she says before standing up, she looks for it in the medicine cabinet but it looks like it’s not there, she can’t remember the last time either of them used it.

As a flash she gets an idea where it might be and she heads for Aaron’s drawer, he was the last one to get sick and the thermometer must be there. As on a cue as soon as she opens the drawer she find it.

Happy about her discover she takes it back to Jack who is a little grumpy and refuses to cooperate, he almost looks like Aaron when he was sick.

Come on, Jack, I gotta check your temperature, so I can know if you’ve a fever or if it’s something else” she pleads, he doesn’t even answer her, he just turns his back on her.

She sighs then she tries a different approach, she starts rubbing his back, slowly and gently, almost like when they tease each other before sex, then she leans on and she sensually whispers “Babe, if you this for me, I’ll something for you, how does it sound?”.

All right” he finally says, letting Kate get his temperature, with Jack this sick and grumpy, it’s gonna be a long, long week.
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31 August 2010 @ 01:29 am
Jack hates to have lunch at the hospital, he’s always too busy to properly eat and he doesn’t like eating alone; he has never minded that before but now that Kate is in his life it does.

He takes one last bite at his sandwich before giving up and returning to his patients. After a couple of hours he’s off duty and he can’t wait to get home.

He makes a quick stop by the flowerist before, he wants to get her something, nothing too corny or cheesy, just something nice to keep in the house.

He ends up choosing lilies, simple yet elegant, so Kate.

He pays for the flowers and he rushes home; he opens the door with the flowers hidden behind his back.

Welcome home” Kate says getting up from the sofa to greet him with a kiss, “That’s a nice welcome” he chuckles.

She lingers a moment longer, just to look him into the eyes before pulling away, slowly; then he pulls out the flowers.

I wanted to get you a little something” and he offers them to her, she accepts them and replies “They’re beautiful and I’ve appreciated the thought”, she goes for one more kiss.

She puts the flowers in a vase while Jack goes to get Aaron; it’s quite a sight for Kate’s eyes, she could watch Jack playing with Aaron for hours, it’s somehow breath-taking for her.

Once she has filled the vase she joins Jack on the floor so they can both play with Aaron.
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29 August 2010 @ 12:24 am
Sundays are Kate’s favorite days, she gets to be lazy in bed with Jack where they can just relax and enjoy the day without worrying about shifts, surgeries or charts.

This morning, though, she doesn’t feel quite lazy, she’s rested enough to get another round of what they’ve done all night, but before she can dedicate herself to Jack she needs to check on Aaron.

Quietly she manages to escape her boyfriend’s embrace, she walks to the crib just to acknowledge that Aaron is still profoundly asleep; she lightly brushes his little face then she let him sleep.

She opens up her drawer and pulls out a pretty sexy pair of panties and a matching bra, she takes off her pajamas and puts them on. She’s freezing but she doesn’t care, in a few minutes the room will be way hotter.

She makes her way to the bed then she gets on top of a still sleeping Jack and starts kissing his earlobe, he doesn’t move but he lets out a small moan.

Morning” she whispers seductively, exploring all his body with her hands; she can feel him tensing, getting ready for what’s about to happen in a few minutes.

He doesn’t bother to say good morning, he is simply gonna show her that is indeed a good morning; he starts kissing her neck, leaving a trail of kisses from her jaw to her breast, making her moan in return.

He quickly unclasps her bra, while she struggles to get him out of his pajamas, then he rips off her panties, need taking over them and before they know it, the teasing is over and they do it.

After they’re satisfied, Jack says with a huge grin on his face “By the way that was your good morning”.
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18 August 2010 @ 12:11 am
Jack opens his mobile phone and dials the familiar number, Kate picks up immediately “Hey stranger, are you done yet?”, he answers “Not quite. It’s been one of those days, you know…”, and she does know.

Since she first moved in she’s quite used to Jack telling her about his craziest days, it helps him to tell her this stuff, and she likes to be involved.

That’s ok. Aaron is still sleeping, do you want me to fix you something nice?” she asks, already wondering what the hell she can make with her limited cooking skills; “No, I think we can manage to go out, I won’t be that late, just be ready ok?”.

I will. Later, Jack” she says before hanging up. He tries to focus on the work that is left before he can leave, but images of Kate in a pretty fine dress keep filling his mind.

Eventually his shift ends and he gets ready to pick them up, still not sure what their destination is gotta be, maybe Kate will have some ideas.

He gets in the car and he’s home in no time, he gets out to call them and when Kate opens the door his heart skips a bit, she’s breath taking, he’s literally speechless.

Wow, that nice?” she teases, well aware of the effect that dress would have had on Jack, he slowly swallows, trying to recompose himself and he manages to say “That would be an understatement”.

She plants a nice kiss on his lips, before taking his hands and walk to the car; Jack comes back to pick Aaron from his stroller and he puts him into the car.

Before turning the car on, Jack puts an hand on Kate’s tight, just to let her know how much he appreciate the dress and how much he’ll appreciate taking it off her when they get back.
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15 August 2010 @ 05:13 pm
Waking up wrapped up in Jack’s arms is definitely one of the best feelings in the world, one she wouldn’t give up for anything; she manages to turn around to face him.

Her moves haven’t woke him up, gladly, so she is free to stare at him; she analyzes the way is forehead is wrinkle-free, a clear sign that he’s relaxed, then she focuses on his eyelashes, the longest she has ever seen in a man.

She is about to touch him, her hand is almost on his cheek when she suddenly withdraws it, she doesn’t wanna risk to wake him up, he looks so peaceful and relaxed, she can’t bear to wake him up.

She gets back to her analysis and her attention is drawn to his lips, red, soft, huge, just the way she loves them; she has to fight the urge to kiss him.

She could spend hours just staring at Jack, admiring his face, or his body and she’d never get tired of it; she often wonders if it’s the same for him, if he ever just lays in bed, checking her out.

Sometimes it feels all so surreal, barely six months ago she had literally nothing, she had been caught on the run and she was on her way to jail, now she has a son, a man and happiness, funny how quickly things turn around.

It’s even more surreal the way she met Jack, what were the odds? She has never been a math genius but she could calculate that they were next to nothing.

Sometimes she wanders if Locke wasn’t a bit right after all, maybe it was destiny, maybe she was supposed to crash and meet Jack.

Maybe she was supposed to fall in love, and supposed or not it’s exactly what happened.

She doesn’t know if she has just realized it now or if she had known already but she is definitely in love with Jack.
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